Municipality of Trikala offers free English lessons for parents and children!

A very important initiative is expected to be taken by the municipality of Trikala very soon and it will affect both parents and children that left their country and are now living in Trikala. This initiative aims at teaching English to mothers and children. If however you also need a formal translation of any documents Immigrants Support Organization can do it for you.

English courses offered are the result of cooperation between municipality of Trikala, San Francisco State University, UN Refugee Agency, Embassy of the U.S.A. in Greece and the help of Doctors of the World. Professor Lindia Stak, representing San Francisco State University, visited the mayor of Trikala, Mr. Dimitris Papastergiou. During their common interview after their meeting  mayor Dimitris Papastergiou pointed out that this initiative will benefit both immigrants and the municipality as it will make the communications between immigrants and local people easier. Professor Lindia Stak said that it is very important that learning courses that started last October should go on and that three of the teachers offered to do that on a voluntary basis.

Lastly, it worths to be noted that this program is a great added help for children that already take courses from State during afternoons all over the country and of course in Trikala. If you want to get more information and help about a problem you have and share your story with us, you can contact us at support@iccoler.gr

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