Even immigrants can get a bank loan!

Due to the economic crisis in Greece a “loan” may seem like a dream, however even immigrants can go to their local bank and apply for one, just like every Greek citizen.

We asked the specialized consultants of oym.gr and they explained to us all the documents that an immigrant should submit in order to get a loan.

He/She has to have legal documents such as:

  • Residence Permit
  • Passport issued by his/her country that has not expired (or a special identity document issued by Greek Authorities)

He/She will also have to submit proof for his source of income such as:

If he/she is employed or gets a pension:

  • Clearing tax form of the previous year
  • Only for employees, a recent salary receipt or an official salary certificate from the employer’s accounting department
  • Only for people who get a pension, 3 month pension clearance documents or the coupon of the most recent pension payment

If the immigrant is self-employed:

  • Tax clearance form of the 2 most recent years
  • Financial Statement (E1) of the last fiscal year
  • Documents for the most recent fiscal years that show the total financial activity of its company (personal company, limited liability company, etc.) (E3 or E5)

If he/she is a farmer or a livestock breeder:

  • Tax clearance form and financial statement (E1) of the most recent fiscal year
  • An E9 document in case he/she is the owner of real estate
  • In case the purpose of the loan is to pay another loan to a bank, he/she has to submit proof that payments of the loan so far have not been delayed.

Lastly, it is advised that a utility bill is also submitted as a proof of the address of the immigrant’s permanent residence.

For any other question you may have or if you need advice for a problem you have please contact our specialized consultants at oym.gr

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