How to get Greek citizenship through naturalization

The procedure to get Greek citizenship through naturalization is a bit different from the one that should be followed in the case of a small child, a specialized consultant of oym.gr explains to us, and that is because the adult will have to submit documents from the Judicial Authorities of his home country and also from the Judicial Authorities of Greece.

The documents and the conditions are the ones below:

The migrant should be an adult at the time that he chooses to submit his naturalization application.

He/she should not have been convicted during the last ten years until the time of its application.

He/she should not have been imprisoned for more than a year and regardless of time in jail he should not have been convicted for crimes against democracy, treason, homicide by intention, dangerous physical offense, drug dealing and trafficking, money laundering, international fiscal crimes and many other crimes that the consultants of oym.gr can inform you of.

In any case he/she should not have a deportation decision pending.

He/she should have been legally living in Greece from 24/03/2005 and afterwards, unless he/she is the husband/wife of a Greek citizen or has the parental responsibility of a child that is a Greek national.

The required documents for the naturalization process are the following:

The immigrant should submit at the municipality of his residence the naturalization application to the Minister of Internal Affairs and must be accompanied with:

A naturalization declaration that takes place in front of the Mayor, requiring two Greek citizens as witnesses (the form includes all the conditions for acquiring Greek citizenship through naturalization)

A copy of passport or of any other document that can be used as a proof of identity

Proof of permanent residence in Greece

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