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The children of immigrants create!

Dane Daze from Congo, Majin Cost and Kareem Kalokoh from Sierra Leone, Valentin Rivera from Peru and Ecuador, second generation immigrant children, together with the Greek Joseph. These are the AthKids. It is a collective of rappers, producers and filmmakers which came to stay. They are united by their love for Athens, common aesthetics and the language they learned at school fluently, the Greek language. They started in 2014 with the production of independent videos and music projects. <<We were greatly influenced by “Kids”, the film of Larry Clark. Once we saw it, we said «this is who we are».They have also in there blacks, whites and latinos>>.

In 2015 was released their first job, a production of Kareem Kalokoh with the title ATH2090s. Along with ATH2090s cassette they also released two music videos directed by Valentin Rivera. «We are children of Athens, so we put ATH in front of Kids, which is the city code. In this video we show Athens as you have never seen it before»,say the young artists.

«We have drawn closer to one another because we have the same mentality. It is a rarity for this town, where everyone does things on his own. Discrimination, narrow-minded people and the fact that reality finally affects you so that you also become miserable annoy us», point out the children of Athens.

In Immigration Support Organization we know the importance of eliminating discrimination and try daily to fight this mentality. As for the secret of the unique ATH Kids’ success: «We do everything by ourselves, united and with love. We are not profit purposed. If you do it for the purpose of money, you have an expiration date».

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